The Power of Pain

I was in a second grade science class when I first learned the basics of how we experience pain. The teacher was explaining how we’re lucky our bodies are equipped with nerves because if they weren’t, we couldn’t feel pain. At the time, in my 8-year-old limited understanding of the world, I thought, “Why does … Continue reading The Power of Pain

The Fourth Watch

Last week I was listening to a podcast and the speaker was discussing one of my favorite miracles in the Bible, when Jesus and Peter walked on water. A phrase caught my attention— “the fourth watch of the night.” That’s one of those that we hear in the more traditional translations of the Bible that … Continue reading The Fourth Watch

Devotional: Hopelessness and the Treasures of Darkness

Reading: Isaiah 45:3 Do you know what hopelessness feels like? Not momentary, it’s dark now but the sun will shine again discouragement, but true hopelessness? It feels like a bowling ball sitting in your chest. A heaviness that makes it hard to breathe sometimes. The fatigue of knowing that when you go to sleep you … Continue reading Devotional: Hopelessness and the Treasures of Darkness

Weekly Devotion: Give Back Everything that Belongs to Her

2 Kings 8:6 My moods lately have been so unbelievably unpredictable. Some days I wake up full of hope and excitement, looking forward into the clear blue sky of possibilities, and other days I wake up and feel like I can’t see beyond my next heartbeat. The cycle of loss, grief, survival, repeat has drained … Continue reading Weekly Devotion: Give Back Everything that Belongs to Her

Marco Polo

When I was a kid, there was never any question of whether or not I would have someone to play with, or something to do on the weekends. The reason for this? I have an unusual number of cousins. Especially in the summer, every Saturday we knew we would either be at Carowinds or going … Continue reading Marco Polo

Weekly Devotion: Having Nothing, Having It All

Reading: 2 Corinthians 6:4-10, 4:8-10 I’m usually a peaceful person. Not because I’m some shining example of holiness and righteousness, but rather because I hate conflict. I hate wondering what someone is thinking of me, or the instant remorse that comes from wishing I had somehow avoided hurting another person. I hate trying to calculate … Continue reading Weekly Devotion: Having Nothing, Having It All

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Here’s something I’ve never understood: Why are we so obsessed with asking kids, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Seriously. Have you ever thought about that? Favorite color— sure. Favorite cartoon— absolutely. Favorite parent— doesn’t instill great social sensitivity skills, but I’ll allow it. But why do we ask them what … Continue reading What do you want to be when you grow up?

Handful of Matches

Towards the end of his life, my father in law got a terrible wound on his ankle. No matter what was done, for months, it would not heal. He saw wound doctors and vascular doctors and infectious disease and orthopedists, and he was close to losing his foot. But then, we took him to another … Continue reading Handful of Matches

Still Waters

Water is everywhere in scripture. Jesus as the Living Water. Crossing the Red Sea. Being baptized in water. Jonah being thrown overboard and swallowed by a fish. The disciples on stormy seas. Jesus and Peter walking on water. When I’m upset or stressed, or life gets to be too much, I am automatically drawn to … Continue reading Still Waters


Halloween is a time when it's almost trendy to be afraid of something. I've only ever survived one haunted trail my whole life, so maybe not me, but some people. After Halloween, Mary Ann had sleepover with Christina Yang's daughter. My favorite part of the kids having friends over is that sometimes kids are so … Continue reading Fearless

Soul Tired

There are multiple levels of tired. This is something I’m finding. There’s plain ol’ run of the mill body tired, where you’ve worked too much, or stayed up too late, or been in the sun too long. Then there’s mentally tired where you’re just overwhelmed again and again until you have such fatigue of learning … Continue reading Soul Tired