Diary of a Working Mother

Say What You Mean

I am a lover of words. Some people read to learn, or they listen to music to enjoy the beat, or they have long conversations just to hear themselves talk. That is not me. Words are thrown around with so much carelessness, but they aren’t just sounds strung together. They mean something. They carry weight.Continue reading “Say What You Mean”

Handful of Matches

Towards the end of his life, my father in law got a terrible wound on his ankle. No matter what was done, for months, it would not heal. He saw wound doctors and vascular doctors and infectious disease and orthopedists, and he was close to losing his foot. But then, we took him to anotherContinue reading “Handful of Matches”

Still Waters

Water is everywhere in scripture. Jesus as the Living Water. Crossing the Red Sea. Being baptized in water. Jonah being thrown overboard and swallowed by a fish. The disciples on stormy seas. Jesus and Peter walking on water. When I’m upset or stressed, or life gets to be too much, I am automatically drawn toContinue reading “Still Waters”


Halloween is a time when it’s almost trendy to be afraid of something. I’ve only ever survived one haunted trail my whole life, so maybe not me, but some people. After Halloween, Mary Ann had sleepover with Christina Yang’s daughter. My favorite part of the kids having friends over is that sometimes kids are soContinue reading “Fearless”


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