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A Resurrection Story

I’m a little bit of a hoarder. It’s not that I enjoy clutter, or that I want my house to be so crammed full of stuff that you have to turn sideways to walk the hall, or call the fire department for a rescue mission to get out of the bathroom, but I find comfort … Continue reading A Resurrection Story

My Mom’s Super Power

My mom had a super power. A lot of super powers actually. She had this ability to face adversity with joy. The gift of teaching and preaching. The ability to love fiercely and compassionately. But I think one of her best giftings was prayer. On days when I feel especially lost, what I miss the … Continue reading My Mom’s Super Power

Ledges: What No One Tells You About Depression, Anxiety, and Grief

I used to think life was following a map. That it was long stretches of dirt roads, trails snaking through mountains and valleys, occasionally approaching rivers to find the bridge was out. Then, I  started to think of it as more of a maze, as if upon entering the teenage years, you’re unceremoniously dumped at … Continue reading Ledges: What No One Tells You About Depression, Anxiety, and Grief

One Moment of Passion

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things my mom used to say. I have a whole list of, now up to like 80 different things she used to tell me, funny truths about life, and I’ve written out 130 pages now of memories about them so I don’t forget. Then today Helen Keller and … Continue reading One Moment of Passion


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