Diary of a Working Mother

Nerds Rule the World

I have a confession to make. I am a nerd. I know, I know. You never would have guessed, based on my witty insights on such topics as Rainer Maria Rilke and grief and couches that look like a cervix, but it’s definitely true.  Other Half is more on the social side. He loves toContinue reading “Nerds Rule the World”

Soul Tired

There are multiple levels of tired. This is something I’m finding. There’s plain ol’ run of the mill body tired, where you’ve worked too much, or stayed up too late, or been in the sun too long. Then there’s mentally tired where you’re just overwhelmed again and again until you have such fatigue of learningContinue reading “Soul Tired”


People say things all the time like “fairytale romance,” or “life isn’t a fairytale.” Maybe not all people, but for sure the people who watch romantic comedies and Hallmark movies. People like me. But I’ve been thinking lately, maybe we’ve got it all wrong. Last night I came home from work, and I was soContinue reading “Fairytales”


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