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Imposter Syndrome and Grace

Here’s an interesting phenomenon that happens when you reach your goals: you question if you deserve to have achieved whatever you achieved. I remember when I passed my NP boards feeling proud of myself for maybe 2 days, and then having the thought, “You don’t know anything. These patients are going to come and see … Continue reading Imposter Syndrome and Grace

Just Do the Next Thing

In January, while I was on a little New Year’s weekend getaway with Other Half, I read a book that, in retrospect, I needed to read but maybe wish I hadn’t read it. The book was “Right People, Right Place, Right Time” by Jentezen Franklin. It’s about figuring out who you are, where you’re supposed … Continue reading Just Do the Next Thing

Eggs Benedict Arnold

I love 90s movies. 80s movies too, actually, but my mom and I shared a love of many of the romance/romantic comedy movies from the ‘90s. Our top favorites were You’ve Got Mail, The American President, My Best Friend’s Wedding…maybe a few more. But the one I’ve watched over and over in the past few … Continue reading Eggs Benedict Arnold

The Power of Pain

I was in a second grade science class when I first learned the basics of how we experience pain. The teacher was explaining how we’re lucky our bodies are equipped with nerves because if they weren’t, we couldn’t feel pain. At the time, in my 8-year-old limited understanding of the world, I thought, “Why does … Continue reading The Power of Pain

Birds and Planes

This past weekend, I went to the park for a little while and sat by the lake. I took a book with me, and my laptop hoping I would force myself to write because it helps me make sense of my life. I wasn’t really paying attention to the water or the sky, but this … Continue reading Birds and Planes

The Fourth Watch

Last week I was listening to a podcast and the speaker was discussing one of my favorite miracles in the Bible, when Jesus and Peter walked on water. A phrase caught my attention— “the fourth watch of the night.” That’s one of those that we hear in the more traditional translations of the Bible that … Continue reading The Fourth Watch


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