“I only need one thing in Target,” and other lies I tell myself

I did that thing you’re not supposed to do. I let myself believe the lie that I was going to Target for one thing: a birthday gift. OK, two things if I’m being honest. I was buying a gift card and I could have gotten that at Walgreens, but I wanted to get the newContinue reading ““I only need one thing in Target,” and other lies I tell myself”

“Doing good” and other lies we tell

Yesterday I spent most of the day reading a book for the online bookclub I’m a member of. The book was called, “Southern Lady Code” by Helen Ellis. I’ve never really read a book of essays before and I didn’t know what to expect, but it was hilarious. She basically covers everything that southerners say,Continue reading ““Doing good” and other lies we tell”

Cleaning out the office or treasure hunt?

For the longest time, my office upstairs has been the unofficial catch-all for things that don’t have a set spot in the house. To get things out of sight and out of mind, if something needs put away, it just gets stuck in the pile. Today, since I had the day off, a friend cameContinue reading “Cleaning out the office or treasure hunt?”