Mary Ann is the big 1-0!

Today is Mary Ann’s birthday. Ten years ago today, at 9 in the morning, I was laying in a hospital bed trying not to hyperventilate as I silently dreaded the spinal anesthesia and thought about how hungry I was.  Actually, I thought about that most of my pregnancy. From the second I found out IContinue reading “Mary Ann is the big 1-0!”

“You Sit on a Throne of Lies”- An Easter Tale

Have you seen that meme on Facebook about the Easter bunny during quarantine? It says “So….I think we should all be on the same page. Are we telling the kids the Easter Bunny got Coronavirus or that Carole Baskin killed him?”  Well, whichever way you decided to go for your own kids, I broke itContinue reading ““You Sit on a Throne of Lies”- An Easter Tale”

“Doing good” and other lies we tell

Yesterday I spent most of the day reading a book for the online bookclub I’m a member of. The book was called, “Southern Lady Code” by Helen Ellis. I’ve never really read a book of essays before and I didn’t know what to expect, but it was hilarious. She basically covers everything that southerners say,Continue reading ““Doing good” and other lies we tell”

Pandemic or not, wear your lipstick

Today I’m trying something new. It’s a guest post from my sister, who I am insanely proud of. Happy Saturday! There is just something about the right lip stick that makes a girl go “ahh”. It’s a science really, picking out the right color. For us pale girls it’s a little more difficult. You can’tContinue reading “Pandemic or not, wear your lipstick”

Cleaning out the office or treasure hunt?

For the longest time, my office upstairs has been the unofficial catch-all for things that don’t have a set spot in the house. To get things out of sight and out of mind, if something needs put away, it just gets stuck in the pile. Today, since I had the day off, a friend cameContinue reading “Cleaning out the office or treasure hunt?”