Pandemic or not, wear your lipstick

Today I’m trying something new. It’s a guest post from my sister, who I am insanely proud of. Happy Saturday!

There is just something about the right lip stick that makes a girl go “ahh”. It’s a science really, picking out the right color. For us pale girls it’s a little more difficult. You can’t get something too light or you look like you’re severely anemic. You can’t get something too dark or you look like you’re  ready for your close up on the Adam’s Family. 

I have always been terrible about wearing lip stick. It’s the most important part of a make up routine but I would always forget or say I will put some on after I eat (surprise there) and just never do it. For this reason, Mom would always check me before I left the house. School days, family events, church. You name it and she was making sure I painted my beak. “You need lipstick,” she’d always say. “You’re too pale not to wear lipstick.” She always kept a Clinique or Revlon lipstick in her purse to make sure if I forgot she would have me covered. Even after I got married and moved out, if we went out to eat and I didn’t have some color on she would always hand me one out of her purse to see if I wanted it. 

It has been one mess of a year between Mom passing, knowing I’ll have to have a baby without her, stressing to find a house before the baby comes, COVID-19. But one thing is for sure- there’s nothing that Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina can’t fix. It’s been a rough week and even though today I am going absolutely no where, I’m going to curl my hair, put a smile on my face, and paint my beak. It’s what Mom would do.

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