First We Drink the Coffee, then We Save the Lives

I have an unhealthy dependence on Starbucks. I know it’s expensive, I know it makes me a basic white girl. I don’t care. I am who I am. Every morning, I place a mobile order on the Starbucks app and gladly hand over my $5 for an iced cup of motivation. I don’t care if it makes me late. I don’t care if the parking lot is terrible. I will park at Buffalo Wild Wings and hike the short walk across the grass, pick up my drink, and smile on the way out. This is one of life’s simple pleasures.

So imagine my horror when I drove up to my favorite place on the way to work and the sign says “closed.” I nearly fainted, until I realized the drive thru line was still moving. Seriously? I’m a healthcare provider in the middle of a pandemic. What more must one do to earn their coffee?

My mom didn’t understand my fascination with Starbucks at all. She preferred the “coffee” at McDonalds. Only it wasn’t really coffee, it was a frappe. And she couldn’t pronounce it, so she always ordered a “caramel froppay”. And when I tried to get her a Frappuccino at Starbucks, she was always disappointed that it didn’t taste like the one at McDonalds. She said the stuff I ordered tasted like whatever the end result was from the episode of “I Love Lucy” where Lucy and Ethel have to squish the grapes with their feet.

But back to the mug. There’s a running joke between me and my cousins about my job. We have a group text going, and sometimes just for fun, I’ll say “stop bothering me, I’m saving lives.” (I’m only half joking, depending on the day.) It’s kind of annoying to them, kind of funny to them. But it has become my excuse for any time I can’t be, forget to be, or don’t want to be somewhere. Late to family dinner? “Sorry, I was saving lives.” Forgot to sign the field trip permission slip? “Sorry, I was saving lives.” You get the point.

Anyway, last year Christina Yang (not the real one– my Christina Yang. I get to be Meredith because it’s my blog and also I love Chuck Taylors) found this mug for me at Charming Charlie’s. It basically sums up my thoughts on my life during any given work day. As the saying goes, no coffee, no workee.

I understand that they have to protect the spread of a pandemic. But I’m not sure they understand what’s at stake. I think maybe Starbucks hasn’t seen the mug. I’m ok with the drive thru solution. Everyone there is so nice to me, and they tell me they love my nails and to have an awesome day. But if we progress to the point where the drive thru isn’t an option anymore? Then what happens to humanity?

Don’t let me down Starbucks. This is not a drill! You’ve been preparing for this your entire life. Your healthcare workers need you! There’s an order to things. It’s the Lord’s will. First we drink the coffee, then we save the lives.

  1. Oh man I have 100% lost it over school work. I use all my time wisely. Great writing. Thank you…

  2. Lol. Lol. Lol. 🤣🤣🤣 Too funny. Between healing from gallbladder surgery and all the after effects of that. I lost…

  3. Oh gosh I can totally see this happening! Lol thank you Amanda for being so real! I felt every bit…

5 thoughts on “First We Drink the Coffee, then We Save the Lives

  1. I’ve been without my Starbucks since October …. it was a 12 step process… I too placed my mobile order from the parking deck and Jessie always knew what I was turning the corner for… he had it ready with a smile…. then…. my work moved me to a building with no Starbucks near by…. to this new “community space” building….. now, here comes this virus … in the community space – see what happens when we take away the Starbucks?????

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