Am I raising her? Or is she raising me?

Mary Ann is not like most ten year olds. Sure, in some ways she’s similar. She loves to shop at Justice, stay up late, eat pizza and play Roblox. She watches Netflix and chats on FaceTime with her girlfriends and Uncle Jesse and Joey and anyone else who will listen, and she fights with herContinue reading “Am I raising her? Or is she raising me?”

There must be something in the water…

Sometimes I think water is magic. It has calming properties on me that I don’t quite understand. When I was a kid, we went on vacation to what my brother called “The Old People Beach” (AKA Oak Island). When we first started going, there was nothing down there but ocean, sand, and houses. We wouldContinue reading “There must be something in the water…”

Impulse buying and Steve Guttenberg

I love shopping. Any kind of shopping. But impulse buying is probably my favorite. You know, those days when you go to the store and you don’t really need anything but you find something perfect that you weren’t expecting? That’s the feeling I get when I go in the hospital gift shop. There are soContinue reading “Impulse buying and Steve Guttenberg”

“Why does she get a necklace?”

Well, Mom, I made it through today. I’ve never been particularly good at holidays. I always wait until the last minute to buy gifts or groceries or anything else that one needs to celebrate a holiday. I inherited those habits from you. But, I always liked your motto: “I’m not late, I got here whenContinue reading ““Why does she get a necklace?””

Why did we stop carrying swords?

It has always been a pet peeve of mine when people ask rude questions, but then I’m the one who ends up feeling awkward as I try to figure out how to respond to them without making them feel uncomfortable. For example, the person on the elevator who recently asked if I was pregnant. WhyContinue reading “Why did we stop carrying swords?”